Yukiko (雪子, Yukiko) is the aunt of Houki and Tabane. It is unknown whether she is the sister of Houki's and Tabane's mother or father.

She is first mentioned when Chifuyu tells Houki to visit her family shrine, and Ichika later mentions her by name when saying she would appreciate Houki's visit at the festival.


She has short brown hair and brown eyes.


She is very polite and kind to others.


Tabane Shinonono - Her niece

Houki Shinonono - Her niece


Plot SynopsisEdit

OVA: "A Sextet Yearning for Love"Edit


  • Yukiko: "It's great that you came."
    - Yukiko to Houki at the Shinonono Shrine Festival (OVA)


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