Tina Hamilton
IS v09 - 4
 Kanji/Kana Tina Hamiruton
 Rōmaji ティナ·ハミルトン
 Also Known As IS Representative Candidate of USA
Personal Info
 Birthday July 7th, (Cancer)
 Gender Female
 Age 15
 Nationality American
 Relatives Unknown
 Occupation 1st year IS Academy Student
 Academic Standing IS Representative Candidate of USA
 Infinite Stratos (IS) None
 Status Active
 Appears in Light Novel
 Light Novel Debut Volume 4, Chapter 1
 Manga Debut Not Yet Available
 Anime Debut Not Yet Available
 Japanese Voice Not Yet Available
 English Voice Not Yet Available
 Other Voice(s)

Tina Hamilton (ティナ·ハミルトン, Tina Hamiruton) is a 1st year student at the IS Academy, IS Representative Candidate of USA, and roommate of Lingyin Huang at the IS Academy. Her first appearance occurs in Volume 4, Chapter 1.


Tina is blonde haired teen with her hair tied in a single ponytail and has jade colored eyes. Compare to her petite roommate, Tina is more curvaceous and well-endowed.


Tina is known by Lingyin to be somewhat weight-conscious, though she has a habit of eating french fries. This may further imply that she was an American Representative Candidate.


  • Her last name "Hamilton" was taken from british F1 racer, Lewis Hamilton.