Silent Zephyrus
Silent Zephyrs full view
 Pilot M
 Generation Type 3rd Generation
 Battle Type Close Quarters Combat
 Araments Star Breaker
 Manufacturer Organisation in England

Silent Zephyrus is a 3rd generation IS developed in England that was stolen by Phantom Task and is currently piloted by M.


It is a prototype frame that is based on Cecilia's Blue Tears and is more advanced than the former. It was formerly the property of England before it was stolen.

Standby ModeEdit

Not known yet.

1st Shift/Armaments & AbilitiesEdit

Being more advanced than its predecessor, the Silent Zephyrus boasts superior agility and has 6 shield bits
alongside its offensive bits. The controls for the bits alone are difficult enough to deal with, which surprised Cecilia when confronted with the unit the first time, since she took a long time to master her own (in the novel she mentions that M has mastered some unique abilities of the bits Cecilia herself hadn't yet mastered until the Cannonball Fast battle).

In addition to the bits, it is equipped with a high-energy rifle that has a bayonet attachment.

  • Star Breaker: a gun capable of using both BT energy and live ammunition.[1]




  • Zephyrus may be a reference to Zephyrus who is the Greek god of west winds.
  • From a full body view, it seems to resemble a butterfly.


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