Mysterious Lady
Mysterious lady
 Pilot Tatenashi Sarashiki
 Generation Type 3rd Generation
 Battle Type Short to Medium Range Combat
 Araments Rusty Nail
Heavy Rain
Water Manipulation via; Nanomachines

Mysterious Lady is the 3rd Generation IS piloted by Tatenashi Sarashiki. Previously the unit's name was "Gustoi Touman Moskwa" (roughly translated to Moscow's Deep Mist).[1]


The Mysterious Lady has demonstrated close- to medium-range combat abilities. In season 2 episode 4 it was shown to be effectively used by Tatenashi even without its special abilities, as Tatenashi was able to block all of Autumn's Arachne's arms simulatneously with only a spear/lance. She also created a fake version of herself out of nano-machine and water. Tatenashi claimed that Mysterious Lady is best suited for indoor battles because of its ability to control water.

1st Form/Armaments & AbilitiesEdit

The armaments that have shown so far are:

  • Rusty Nail - a whip sword.
  • Heavy Rain - a lance with an internal 4-barrel gatling gun. This gives her a choice of switching between close-combat to long range attacks.[2]
  • Water manipulation: this unit also has an unusual ability to manipulate water through nanomachines in the water, enabling Tatenashi to change the shape of the water to serve a defensive or offensive purpose such as explosions. The offensive shape being the "Lance of
    Tatenashi the Mysterious Lady
    Mysteltainn" and the defensive form being the water voids. She can also create up to 5 clones of herself for decoys or group attacks. 



  • The Heavy Rain lance looks like it could be a homage/based of of the GN Lance used by the GN-X series.
  • The Heavy Rain lance appears to be based on the Shotlancer lance carried by various Crossbone Vanguard mobile suits during the events of the Gundam F91 movie and its manga sequel Crossbone Gundam. Like Heavy Rain, the Shotlancer is a combat lance with an integrated 4-barrel gatling gun. The sole major difference is that the shotlancer's lance head can be fired at an enemy via rocket propulsion as a ranged projectile.
  • Mysterious Lady's nanomachines to manipulate water also resembles ∀ Gundam Moonlight Butterfly System as both of them are nanomachines powered equipment with purposes of offense and defense.
  • In the eleventh episode of the second season, the Mysterious Lady is revealed to have originally been called "Moscow's Thick Fog".


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