Kiyoka Aikawa (相川清香, Aikawa Kiyoka) is a 1st year IS Academy Student and one of Ichika's classmates in Class One.


Kiyoka has dark magenta eyes and short hair of the same color. She has a fit body as she practices handball and jogging.


Kiyoka is a cheerful person, not shy to express her inner feelings.


  • Ichika Orimura - Her classmate. She seems to have a fascination for him.

Infinite Stratos & AbilitiesEdit

She doesn't own a personal IS yet.


She is from the IS Academy's handball team. Kiyoka loves watching sports and jogging.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Episode 5: "Boy Meets Boy"Edit

She introduces herself to Ichika during an IS group practice mentioning that she is from the handball team and that she loves watching sports and jogging.

Episode 7: "Blue Days ~ Red Switch"Edit

Episode 9: "Ocean's Eleven"Edit

Kiyoka is seen wanting to play walking watchtower with Ichika when Lingyin Huang jumps on top of him at the seaside school.

Episode 10: "Thin Red Line"Edit

Episode 12: "You Name Is"Edit


  • Ichika: "The first person is.."
    Kiyoka: "Me, me, me! Call Number One, Aikawa Kiyoka! From the handball team! My hobbies are watching sports and jogging. Nice to meet you!"

    -Kiyoka introducing herself to Ichika (Episode 5)


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