Kiyoka Aikawa
 Kanji/Kana 相川 清香
 Rōmaji Aikawa Kiyoka
 Also Known As
Personal Info
 Birthday October 15
 Gender Female
 Age 15
 Nationality Japanese
 Occupation 1st year IS Academy Student in Class One
 Academic Standing
 Infinite Stratos (IS)
 Status Active
 Appears in
 Light Novel Debut Unkown (someone add it)
 Manga Debut Not Yet Available
 Anime Debut Episode 5
 Japanese Voice Arise Satō
 English Voice Allison Sumrall
 Other Voice(s)

Kiyoka Aikawa (相川清香, Aikawa Kiyoka) is a 1st year IS Academy Student and one of Ichika's classmates in Class One.


Kiyoka has dark magenta eyes and short hair of the same color. She has a fit body as she practices handball and jogging.


Kiyoka is a cheerful person, not shy to express her inner feelings.


  • Ichika Orimura - Her classmate. She seems to have a fascination for him.

Infinite Stratos & AbilitiesEdit

She doesn't own a personal IS yet.


She is from the IS Academy's handball team. Kiyoka loves watching sports and jogging.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Episode 5: "Boy Meets Boy"Edit

She introduces herself to Ichika during an IS group practice mentioning that she is from the handball team and that she loves watching sports and jogging.

Episode 7: "Blue Days ~ Red Switch"Edit

Episode 9: "Ocean's Eleven"Edit

Kiyoka is seen wanting to play walking watchtower with Ichika when Lingyin Huang jumps on top of him at the seaside school.

Episode 10: "Thin Red Line"Edit

Episode 12: "You Name Is"Edit


  • Ichika: "The first person is.."
    Kiyoka: "Me, me, me! Call Number One, Aikawa Kiyoka! From the handball team! My hobbies are watching sports and jogging. Nice to meet you!"

    -Kiyoka introducing herself to Ichika (Episode 5)