Iris Calling
IS v09 - 16
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Iris Calling is a IS Representative from the U.S.



Iris seem to be confident and caring about her comrades. She can be rather headstrong and fearless when working, ready to take some damage to stop her enemy from getting away.

Infinite Stratos & AbilitiesEdit

As an IS Representative Cadet, it's presumed that she is a highly trained and powerful fighter.

Her IS unit is the 3rd Generation Fang Quake.


When M is attacking an American faculty, Natasha Fairs try to stop her but easily beat. But before M can do anything more to Natasha, Iris interferes to save Natasha and injuries M. But before Iris can face M, the Phantom Task member is order to escape from Squall to avoid risk losing the Silent Zephyrs. While Iris try to catch her, she fails to due so.