Epilogue: Reflection on the Water's SurfaceEdit

"Ooh, what a relief. It hasn't run out yet."

The vending machine closest to my house. I bought around 10 cans of drinks there to replenish the stock that had run out at home.

In the beginning, Charl said "We can't have the birthday boy to do something like that!", but today I didn't do anything at all, so doing this was my own wish.

"Ummm, canned coffee for Tatenashi-san, ocha for Houki, Rin's is oolong tea and Charl's is orange juice, Laura's is sports drink, Cecilia's is red tea, and then...."

I picked up the drinks that I took from the vending machine's receive slot and carried them using both of my arms.

"Is this all? Well then, let's head back..."

But, from the place that I walked out from, on the spot that the vending machine's light barely reached, a person's silhouette could be seen.

"What the...?"

Even if that person wanted to buy some drinks, the place he's standing at was too far away from the vending machine.

On the other hand, it's definitely not someone I know too.

Thinking like that, when I took two steps forward, the silhouette also came forward a step.


The silhouette was a girl. Furthermore, it was a face that I recognized.

No, it's not something that can be said by "a face that I recognized".


A girl around 15- to 16 years old. But, that face abnormally resembled Chifuyu-nee.


The girl opened her mouth. A faint smile surfaced on that face, and that expression doesn't resemble Chifuyu-nee even a little bit.

File:IS v06 223.jpg

"I am you, Orimura Ichika."


"Sorry to trouble you earlier..."[6E 1]

"!? You, could you be [Silent Zephyr]'s - "

"That's right."

The girl took a step toward me.

"And my name is - "

"Orimura Madoka."

Orimura....Madoka? I have never heard that name before, but why does she have the same surname as me?.... No, rather than that.

Why does she resemble Chifuyu-nee that much!?

"In order for me to be myself....I'll take your life."

The thing that she held out all of a sudden was a handgun that released a dull light.

Bang! A dry gunshot sound reverberated - .

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