Epilogue: The Phantom Lurking in the DarknessEdit

"——Above is the report about how to deal with Orimura Ichika."

Three girls were gathered around a table in a small, slightly dark room.

Two of them were sitting on chairs, and another person was standing in the center, like subjects to the queen, and a serious tension filled the room.

"It should be time to move on......"

Said the woman standing in the middle, though even with a small, but really clear voice, the words could still arrive to the other two's ears.

"Honestly, concerning that case, I think the response is too slow."

"Since there are people urging from many parties......we can't wait anymore......"

Waiting for the queen's answer, the subjects' attention shifted to the table.

Facing the fact that this year's personal machine users reached an abnormal number, the three of them could not help but to develop serious countermeasures to this.


The queen who was looking through the window delicately shifted towards them.

"I've decided, it should be time to act, we need to think for ourselves."


"I'll find an opportunity to get close to him, and you two will be backups."


"I got it......"

A light smile appeared on the queen's face.

Like a predator who found its prey.

Like the queen of an icy mountain.

——Quietly, without stopping.

That was a smile that would charm you right away.

"Please become aware of me, Orimura Ichika."

With the moon on her back, the woman let out a smile.

*Pa!* The sound of a fan getting folded, quietly but assuredly resounded——

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