An IS National Representative is the title given to a Professional IS Pilot who had completed and excelled in high level piloting skills.

She is selected from a small pool of IS Representative Cadet/Candidate and is usually one of the few in the world who owns a personal IS.

It is an extremely competitive position for there can only be one National Representative at a time to represent the country in a Mondo Grosso. Thus a person who usually holds this title is seen to be the strongest person in the country.

Known Title HoldersEdit

  1. Chifuyu Orimura (Former Japan Representative)
  2. Natasha Fairs (USA Representative)
  3. Tatenashi Sarashiki (Russia Representative)
  4. Charlotte Dunois(French Representative)
  5. Laura Bodewig (German Representative)
  6. Lingryin Huang (Chinese Representative)
  7. Cecilia Alcott (England Representative)