This page is dedicated to the Featured Media of the Months and Bonus pics from scans, novels, and other pics.

Featured Medias of Different MonthsEdit

Janurary February


(MAD)インフィニット・ストラトス 楽園のメタファー【Test-Type】00:00

(MAD)インフィニット・ストラトス 楽園のメタファー【Test-Type】

March April
IS - Infinite stratos op 「true my heart 」00:00

IS - Infinite stratos op 「true my heart 」

May June
July August
September October
November December

Bonus PicsEdit

Character Sheets

  • Orimura Ichika
  • Shinonono Houki
  • Cecilia Alcott
  • Huang Lingyin
  • Laura Bodewig
  • Orimura Chifuyu
  • Charlotte Dunois



  • Chibi Cecilia
  • Chibi Charlotte / Revive Raphael
  • What could happen in the end..

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