Dan Gotanda (五反田 弾, Gotanda Dan) is a close friend of Ichika back from their days in middle school.


Dan has long scarlet hair like Ran tied with a bandana.


A very laid-back person who enjoys playing video games. He thinks Ichika's entry to IS Academy is paradise for him, being surrounded by all the girls there (in the light novel, Ichika mentioned that Dan wanted to switch with him). However, he seems oblivious as to what occurs at the IS Academy.

He is also sharp when it comes to Ichika and the general effect he has on girls, saying that he is extremely dense when knowing about their feelings. He even sympathized with Lingyin for Ichika not knowing her feelings.


  • Ran Gotanda - His younger sister. They often get into squabbles. He knows of her feelings towards Ichika and often teases her about it, only to be scared off by her angry expression and her fist.
  • Ichika Orimura - His close friend since middle school.
  • Kazuma Mitarashi - Another friend from middle school. He appears in Volume 5.
  • Lingyin Huang - Supposedly a former classmate in middle school.
  • Utsuho Nohotoke - It is hinted throughout Volume 7 that he has a crush on her. There is a scene where he is seen muttering to himself that he went through a lot of "trouble" getting her address.


Not much is known of his history except that he runs the Gotanda Eatery with Ran.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Episode 5: "Boy Meets Boy"Edit

Dan is introduced in the storyline playing video games with Ichika until his sister Ran barges into the room telling him to get ready for lunch. Seeing that Ichika is in the room, she got nervous and quickly adjusted her loose-fitting and revealing clothes. Dan complains that she should've knocked or she will be considerated as a shameless woman in which Ran snapped back why he didn't tell her of Ichika's visit.

Episode 9: "Ocean's Eleven!"Edit

In a shopping mall, Ichika runs into Dan and Ran shopping. When Dan tells him that the tons of bags he's holding were Ran's swimsuits and that she planned to showing them to Ichika, Ran kicks him away, surprising Ichika. She then tells him that next year she'll join the IS Academy and become his underclassman. Ichika wishes her good luck and tells her to study for her exams. While Ran looks for Dan, Charlotte appears and pulls Ichika away to a swimsuit store and they get into the changing room. Dan arrives and asked Ran: "Where did Ichika go?"

OVA: "A Sextet Yearning for Love"Edit



  • Dan's name in kanji means "bullet" (dan, 弾).

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