Clarissa Harfouch
Clarissa harfouch
 Kanji/Kana クラリッサ・ハルフォーフ
 Rōmaji Kurarisa Harufoufu
 Also Known As
Personal Info
 Gender Female
 Age 22
 Occupation Lieutenant of Schwarzer Hase
 Academic Standing
 Infinite Stratos (IS) Schwarzer Zweig
 Affiliation Schwarzer Hase
 Status Active
 Appears in Anime
 Light Novel Debut
 Manga Debut
 Anime Debut Infinite Stratos Episode 9
 Japanese Voice Kei Mizusawa
 English Voice Shannon Emerick
 Other Voice(s)

Clarissa Harfouch (クラリッサ・ハルフォーフ, Kurarisa Harufoufu) is the Lieutenant, and currently the acting-commander of the special force unit, Schwarzer Hase, in Germany.


Clarissa has blue hair cut into an angled bob, blue eyes, and a slender body. She wears a beret and dark office clothing, with her skirt split in the center to show her legs, and an eye-patch covering her left-eye like Laura.


She is an avid fan of Japanese shojo manga, where the frequent love propose would involve a prince charming telling the princess (or heroine) "I'll take you as my bride".


  • Laura Bodewig - Her Second Lieutenant, Clarissa seems to be close to her as they share the title of Lieutenant.
  • Chifuyu Orimura - Clarissa seems to know her since she calls her Instructor Orimura, like Laura.

Infinite Stratos & AbilitiesEdit

Currently, nothing is known of her IS abilities.


Clarissa has been working with (under) Laura and seems to have worked with Chifuyu Orimura in the past when she was the instructor in Germany.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Episode 9: "Ocean's Eleven!"Edit

Clarissa is first seen in the series being contacted by Laura Bodewig to ask her suggestions about swimsuits.


Quotes will be updated when available.


  • Many of Laura's friends have said Clarissa should be fired because she keeps giving Laura terribly inaccurate advice about everything. This is because she believes everything in manga is based on facts.