Chloe Chronicle is the elder sister of Laura Bodewig.


Similar to Laura, she has two differently colored eyes. Her left eye is black and her right eye is golden (like Laura's yellow left eye). She looks very similar to Laura; in fact, Ichika mistook her for Laura when he first met her because they both have long silver hair.



  • Tabane Shinonono - Regards Tabane as her savior and has therefore sworn complete loyalty to Tabane. She is seen with her at the last episode of Season 2.
  • Laura Bodewig - Referred to as her younger sister by Chifuyu, Chloe refuted her, saying Laura is not her younger sister as she is incomplete in contrast to Chloe herself who is complete, and that Laura is the completed form of Laura Bodewig.

Infinite Stratos & AbilitiesEdit

She pilots the Kurukagi IS. It's currently unknown how skilled she is or what her IS can do. In the computer world, she is able to interfere with opponent's mind by making them believe in their ideal world. In the real world, she can cause illusions by using the air. 


Plot SynopsisEdit


  • When Ichika first met Chloe in the core of the computer world, he describe that he feels he met her before -  but at the same time he hasn't.

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