In the beginning of the show, a group of people are battling against some machine, using a combat, multi-form suit called Infinite Stratos. Most of the combatants are women, which is usual right now since only girls can pilot Infinite Stratos. However, there is one guy that is piloting a white IS. The machine is giving them a very hard time, repeatedly bombarding with beams. Just when it thought it had finished them off, the guy dives down from the sky and attacks with a beam weapon on his hand, resulting in a big explosion.

Back track to the beginning of the story...

Ichika Orimura is attending the Infinite Stratos Academy as he is the first male in the world to ever pilot an IS where he becomes a sensation among the all female students of the academy. With his homeroom teacher being his older sister Chifuyu, an ex-IS pilot, Ichika is in unease and unprepared and trying to get use to the academy. Later he learns his dorm roommate is his childhood friend, kendo champion Houki Shinonono, who he has not seen in six years. When his class decides to elect him as their class representative, the British cadet representative and noble, Cecilia Alcott is against it and challenges him to an IS duel for the position.

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  • If you look girl who sit right next to Ichika, she were based on Strike Witches character, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke.